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  • New 3 Player Cribbage Board Available Now!

    New 3 Player Cribbage Board Available Now!

    Paul and Sandy (owners of masterpiece) were tired of cribbage boards available in stores so they decided to design their own! This has all the bells and wistles of what should be included in a premium cribbage board!

    • Lasered easy to read numbers
    • Holes a good distance apart
    • Wood or Metal pegs available.
    • Bonus Skunk and Double Skunk!

    Made out of natural hardwoods: the top of this board is made from solid Hard Sugar Maple and the bottom is solid American Black Cherry. 
    Finished with multiple sandings and sprayed with sealer then sanded again and then sealed. This creates that smooth to touch finish. This process is the same as what a high quality piece of furniture receives. it is very durable and requires no care. Simply wipe with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty. It will last for many years to come.
    The top fits snugly into the base, held in place by rare earth magnets. The bottom consists of one compartment to hold your deck of cards and pegs. A great way to keep everything together and transports well. 

    Total dimensions of nestled unit  are 16.5"L  x  6"W  x  2"H.  

    Due to the nature of the grains of the wood being all different, your board will be very similar to the one shown in the photo.