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Zebrawood Kitchen Stool Set of 3, Paul Szewc

Zebrawood Kitchen Stool Set of 3, Paul Szewc
Kitchen stool with "bum-friendly" seat guaranteed not to come loose. These "Japanese joinery with an Asian look" kitchen stools were designed and built from solid zebrawood (hardwood) by Wood Artist Paul Szewc of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Each stool is signed by Paul, numbered and dated and ledgered.

No stains have been used—the colour variance is a result of grain and colour variance in the woods.

The round circle (plug) made from solid walnut and solid maple is one of Paul's trademarks - it is the same pattern used on the exterior of his gallery and workshop. He puts these "crazy plugs" in his products to make them uniquely his own design. They are truly a "Masterpiece".

These stools are made with mortise and tenon joinery with wedges. They cannot be disassembled. There are no screws or nails used. Because of this type of joinery the stool will last a lifetime; it will not come apart and it will not come loose. It is guaranteed for 20 years under normal use.

The seat has been routered out so that it accepts the contours of your bottom nicely. It is very comfortable to sit on. Paul calls them his 'bum-huggers". They are "bum-friendly".

Finished with multiple sandings and sprayed with sealer then sanded again and sealed. This creates that smooth-to-the-touch finish. This process is the same as what a high quality piece of furniture receives. It is very durable and requires no care. Simply wipe with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty.

Approx. size is 24-3/4"h x 15-1/4" w x 12" d. This height of stool is to be used at an island unit or at a counter height of 36".

It is preferable to pick these stools up. If shipping is necessary, please email me with postal code/zip code before placing order and I will get a better estimate of the shipping charges and create a custom order for shipping.

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