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RUMMOLI, Luxury Wooden Solid Cherry Game Board, 18"L x 14"W x 1-1/4"H , Solid Cherrywood, Paul Szewc

RUMMOLI, Luxury Wooden Solid Cherry Game Board, 18&quot;L x 14&quot;W x 1-1/4&quot;H , Solid Cherrywood, Paul Szewc
Play the old-fashioned, traditional game of Rummoli or Michigan Rummy in style with this luxury wooden gameboard made by Cabinetmaker/Wood Artist Paul Szewc of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

The board is made from solid North American cherry.

Rummoli is a family card game which has been around since the 1940's. All you'll need in addition to the board is a standard deck of cards and a generous supply of chips/coins.

This board will last a lifetime and beyond! A great heirloom to hand down to the next generation.

The board is not flat—each of the 8 pay-card compartments and the Rummoli centre pot have been routed out, allowing the playing chips to be scooped out, which is easier than picking up all the winnings with your fingers. Very user-friendly!

The pay card images appear at both the top and the bottom of each cup. They are laser engraved and will not wear off.

Makes a unique candy dish too!

It is finished with multiple sandings and sprayed with sealer then sanded again and then sealed. This is the same process given to a high quality piece of furniture. It is very durable and requires no care. Simply wipe with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty.

The board measures 18"L x 14"W x 1-1/4"H

NOTE: The larger compartments such as 7-8-9, A/K, etc will hold 200 pennies. Now that's lots of room.

Due to the wide wood grain variance in cherry, the board you receive could differ in colour and grain patterning as shown in the photos. The lighter sapwood is naturally incorporated within the wood itself, not a separate piece.

Our goal at Masterpiece Lasered Wood is to provide you with the best quality product we can. As wood is a natural, living product sometimes its grain and texture can get a little unruly. Knots, streaking, and other flaws in the grain can occur during the natural growth of the tree. We at Masterpiece Lasered Wood, home of the famous “wonky” furniture design, believe these qualities add a uniqueness to our product rather than flaws. We do, however, try our to best to ensure every product we create is free from large, unsightly markings and deformities in the wood but cannot guarantee they will be free of minor flaws. If you are like us and LOVE some rebellious wood grain or an interesting knot here and there (as long as it doesn’t interfere with the use), let us know and we will try and dig up something special for your tastes.

Note: Cards NOT included

Rummoli Instructions

2-8 Players, ages 6+
Divide a supply of poker chips/coins evenly among the players. Remove the Jokers from a regular deck of cards and shuffle. Each player draws a card; the highest card (Ace is high) deals first. Each player puts a coin/chip in all nine sections of the board at the start of the game and then again every time a new hand is dealt.

The dealer shuffles the cards, and deals them out to the players plus an extra hand, known as the “widow”, until all cards are gone. Some players will receive one card more than others. Each player reviews their cards, looking for any “Pay Cards” indicated on the Rummoli board. After viewing his own hand, the dealer has the option of exchanging his cards for the widow hand, sight unseen. If he does not wish to do so, he may auction off the widow to other interested players (the dealer keeps the chips paid in the auction). If a player buys the widow, their original hand is placed aside, face down. If the widow hand remains untouched, it stays face down and is not used. An unused hand becomes a dead hand.

Poker Phase: Each player selects the five best cards from their hand to make a poker hand. Temporarily, place the rest of your hand face down in front of you. Players ante up for a poker round. Starting with the dealer, players may raise the ante if they wish, adding chips to the Poker Pot. All players that stay in during the ante process reveal their cards, and high hand takes the Poker Pot. In preparation for the next phase, all players now organize all cards in their hands by suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades).

Rummy Phase: Play begins with the Poker Phase winner placing the lowest valued card in his hand face up on the table, announcing the name of the card. The player with the next card in sequence of the suit played, lays down the card, again announcing it. Play continues until no one has the card that follows next (either it has been played already or it is in the widow hand), or if an Ace is played. The player who played the last card plays his lowest card in the opposite color. If they do not have a card in a different colored suit, they put a chip/coin in the centre pot and the play continues to the person on the left. If they cannot play the required colour either, they pay the centre pot and play continues to the left.
Chips are claimed when a player plays the card or sequence of cards named in one of the Pay Card pots. If a player neglects to collect on his Pay Card before the next card is played, the chips remain in the pot.

When the first player has laid out all his cards, he is the winner of the round and play stops. The other players place a chip/coin in the centre pot for each card that remains in their hand at the end of the round; the winner takes the centre pot. The deal moves to the left of the current dealer. Any unclaimed chips on the board carry over to the next round.

The end of game is at discretion of players. Usually a time frame is established at the beginning of the game, or play continues until only one player has chips/coins.

1. When playing with young children, you may decide to play without playing the Poker Phase. Do not place chips/coins in the Poker Pot. Play then begins with the 2 of Clubs—whoever has it in their hand lays it down. In the event it is in the widow hand, begin with the 3 of Clubs.

2. A simple option to play the Poker Phase is to omit the bidding part of the phase and just display your hand at the end of the Rummy Phase. The player that can make the best poker hand, using just 5 cards, takes the Poker Pot.

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