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Day and Night Weekly Pill Boxes, Owl and Birds, Medium Depth, Solid Cherry Hardwood Top and Bottom

Day and Night Weekly Pill Boxes, Owl and Birds, Medium Depth, Solid Cherry Hardwood Top and Bottom
This Day and Night Weekly Pill Box is perfect for that person who has to take pills twice a day.

This pill box was made from solid hardwood cherry lid and cherry bottom. Designed and made by Wood Artist, Paul Szewc of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

No stains have been used; the colour variance is a result of the different hardwoods being used. The individuality of the wood grain may cause a slight variance of coloring from the photo shown.

The tops of the box slides on the bottom and is held in place by rare earth magnets. Your pills and vitamins will stay securely in the box.

The box has been sealed with a hardened lacquer finish just like a piece of fine furniture.

To use the box simply slide the lid to expose the day of the week and tip out the pills/vitamins in your hand.

This box can sit on your counter and your guests won't know what's inside—you won't want to hide it like the plastic ones!

The pills/vitamins also stay dark - not affected by light like plastic boxes. Many vitamins and medications deteriorate in the light so this box is perfect.

Each box is solid hardwood, which means there is nothing to break. The box will last a lifetime.

All boxes are made with new wood. Reclaimed/recycled woods can be toxic and should never be used in food products such as cutting boards, utensils or boxes where food can be stored.

MEDIUM DEPTH: Each compartment is approx. 7/8" deep x 11/16" wide x 1-5/8" long.
You can fit a quantity of 36 Aleve caplets into each compartment —that's a lot of pills/vitamins!

Outside Dimensions: approx. 7"L x 5-3/4"W x 1-3/8" D
17.8cm L x 14.6cm W x 3.5cm D

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