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Lace Pattern Stash Box, 5" x 2" x 1", Pattern ST14, Solid Cherry, Rare Earth Magnets for closure and security, Paul Szewc, Masterpiece Laser




Lace Pattern Stash Box, 5&quot; x 2&quot; x 1&quot;, Pattern ST14, Solid Cherry, Rare Earth Magnets for closure and security, Paul Szewc, Masterpiece Laser
This box was made from solid cherry hardwood both top and bottom by Wood Artist Paul Szewc of Guelph. Canada.

The depth of this box is exactly 9 quarters high.

Outside dimensions are approximate size 4-5/8 W" (12cm) x 1-7/8" L (5cm) x 1" D (2.5cm)
Usable inside dimensions are approximate 4-1/8" W (10.5cm) x 1-1/2" L (3.7cm) x 1/2" D (1.3cm)

Keep your small treasures safe—good to store stamps, mints, coins, pills, Tums, paper clips, small jewellery items (necklace, earrings, rings, cigarettes, q-tips, keys, candies, stash).

No stains have been used—the colour variance is a result of the different hardwoods being used.

The top of the box slides fits snugly on the bottom which is held in place by a rare earth magnets (two on the top and two on the bottom). Your items will stay securely in the box.

Each box is solid; the box has been routered out so there is no seam which means no glue and nothing to come apart. Hence, nothing to break which means the box will last a lifetime.

All boxes are made with new wood. Reclaimed/recycled woods can be toxic and should never be used in food products such as cutting boards, utensils or boxes where food can be stored.

Do you prefer one of our other patterns seen in the photos above? Use the variations to choose the pattern you would prefer. Alternate patterns include the following:

ST1 Cube
ST2 Depth
ST3 Quilt
ST4 Feathers
ST5 Swallow
ST6 Celtic
ST7 Butterflies
ST8 Leaves
ST9 Octopus
ST11 Roses
ST13a Owl
ST14 Lace
ST15 Dragonflies
ST16 Bees
ST17 Skull
ST22 Music
ST23 Maple Leaf
ST24 Tree of Life
ST40 Plain/Customize - Please note additional charges apply for custom engraving $20.00 USD for word engraving, $25.00 USD for image engraving (on top of the cost of the box) - to order this option please ST40 and "image engraving" or "word engraving" in the variations section. Indicate your wording or image and font choice in the shop notes
ST41 Twin Cats
ST46 Inukshuk
ST61 Thistle

If you want to customize the box with a name along the front edge, simply use the variation to order "word engraving" and then in the shop notes add your preferred words and font choice (see last image). Please note we engrave EXACTLY what is provided by you so please make sure to double check spelling etc., prior to submitting your order. Custom word engraving is an additional $20.00 USD.

Please note that this ships without tracking to get the cheapest rates. Should you require tracking please select this shipping option when checking out.

If you are in Canada you may visit us at one of the locations below:

Guelph - Masterpiece Gallery - 7100 Fife Road, All Year Long - Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm
Waterloo - St. Jacob's Farmers Market - All Year Long - Thurs. & Saturdays in the Market Building second floor
Windsor - Windsor Art in the Park - June
Cobourg - Cobourg Rotary Arts & Crafts - July
Barrie - Arts & Crafts at Kempenfest - August
Toronto - Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts - September
Niagara Region - Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival - October
Guelph - Fair November - University of Guelph - November
Guelph - Stone Road Mall Kiosk - December 1 - 24

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